Custom Projects

This table is a tribute to my Grandfather and a gift for my Dad. My Grandfather loved to make unique machines, the parts… Posted by Iron Splinter on Monday, May 6, 2019

Custom Side Table

These two tables were ordered as a set for a customer looking to fill a tight fit in their home. The scale is a little smaller than what you would find at a typical furniture store. The tops are made from reclaimed Hickory and are about 1″ thick. Beautiful wood […]

Matching Console and End Table (SOLD)

I built this table custom for a customer that liked the design and look of my smaller version, but she needed something taller for the office space it was going into. It is made from reclaimed Oak & Hickory pallet wood and the frame is all welded 1/2″ black pipe.

Tall Version of the Console Table (SOLD)

This was a christmas gift I built for my brother’s family, it went in their master bathroom. It was created to match the vanity lighting that I did for them about a year earlier. This uses a solid oak piece of pallet wood that had just the right patina. I […]

Shelf / Towel Rack (NFS)

Reclaimed Entryway Bench I just finished building for my house, I can build you one too! Two 4″x 6″ Hickory Beams that span 50″ Wide by 11.5″ Deep, Painted base. Heavy Duty. Stained top like this, or choose a weathered gray look.

Have a seat (NFS)

This is a perfect fit when you don’t have a lot of floor space. Weathered gray oak planks sanded with matte clear coat finish, but left rustic. Welded in place black pipe w/adjustable leveling feet. 30” tall x 10” deep x 50” wide. These boards were originally from a very […]

Small Space Console Table (SOLD)

Wonderfully aged oak reclaimed pallet with refurbished railroad spikes welded to steel flat stock. Finished off with industrial device tags.  

RR Spike Coat Rack (SOLD)

Upcycled bookcase that I gave a fresh coat of paint and replaced the cardboard backing with rustic pallet wood. This little item was headed for the trash heap before I saved it and gave it a new life. This item is SOLD  

Upcycled Bookcase (SOLD)

I needed a cart for my patio that would help for both grilling and drink’n. All treated wood, ceramic tile top using special TEC outdoor grout and mortar. Not bad for my first tile job. 64″ wide x 18″ deep.   The Cabinet is made to hold outdoor fire pit […]

Outdoor Bar & Grill Cart (NFS)

Tripod Lamp
21″ drum shade wrapped in my custom designed “Machinist” cotton fabric pattern. Each of the 3 legs is a mosaic from pieces of barnwood, pallet wood, pieces of yard sticks, and parts of an old schoolhouse door. Stands about 70″ tall.   Join my email list to get early notifications […]

Handmade Tripod Lamp

Pendant Lamp 4
This was a commissioned project that I just completed this weekend. The customer was going for a rustic look in their bathroom that was already using a lot of grays and whites in the color scheme. We collaborated and came up with the idea for a pendant style lamp that […]

John Deere Pallet Pendant Lamp (SOLD)

Handmade lamp incorporating vintage tooling in the base. 30″ tall x 10″ deep x 9″ wide. adjustable feet, pallet and steel construction. White shade.  

Rustic/industrial Table Lamp

This lamp was made for a retired army relative of mine. After seeing some of my other work he commissioned me to make him a lamp, and gave me carte blanche on its design. I knew right away it would have some kind of a military theme but it took me […]

Tank Ammo Military Lamp (SOLD)

This lamp was quite a challenge; it was the second time I created a lampshade from scratch. The base is just a repurposed camera tripod mount that I picked up for a few bucks at an estate sale. So the first challenge was to build a wooden block that would […]

Camera Tripod Lamp (NFS)

What else are you going to do with an old Fire Extinguisher? I have been a fan of the SteamPunk lamp movement for some time now. The first set of lamps I ever built I used black natural gas pipes, even before I knew anybody else was doing it. It […]

Fire Extinguisher SteamPunk Lamp (NFS)

I like to repurpose pallets, it’s a great way to get different textures and color shading because of the many different types of woods that companies use to make them. In this project I had a personal problem to solve, we were using a single command strip hook to hang […]

Kitchen Calendar / Organizer (NFS)

Drafting Desk I love this desk. It was never a planned kind of thing to build this desk the idea just popped into my head one day and I ran with it. It started with an estate sale I went to at a farm just about 20 minutes or so […]

Drafting Desk (NFS)

One is the loneliest number, at least that is what the old song says. After I built the Shabby chic Floor Lamp it seemed only right to make a table lamp that fit in with the similar style. This little guy is built using some leftover parts of those same […]

Shabby chic Table Lamp

This whole lamp started as one small leftover 4×4 block of cedar that a co worker left sitting around in our shop. He was using some of the tools to build a clothesline system for his house and that little chunk became the middle piece in this lamp. Being the […]

Shabby chic Floor Lamp