Fire Extinguisher SteamPunk Lamp (NFS)

What else are you going to do with an old Fire Extinguisher? I have been a fan of the SteamPunk lamp movement for some time now. The first set of lamps I ever built I used black natural gas pipes, even before I knew anybody else was doing it.

It was time to build a lamp of my own using pressure gauges; but I wanted to add a twist. Most every SteamPunk object I have seen built all the gauges are just sitting there stuck at Zero, how lame is that? I had to do better!

The Secret: I added air shut off valves and 1 air tool nozzle port. Below is a picture of just the air gauge portion of the lamp which I made it to be separate from all of the electrical components allowing me to trap the air in the pipes. The large red valve keeps air from leaking into the electrical side of the lamp. The small silver shut off valve traps air only in the top gauge allowing a separate pressure from the other two gauges. At the bottom is a small shut off valve near the air nozzle port. I connect my air compressor, fill, and then close the valve.

Use teflon pipe thread tape

The extinguisher originally came with a rubber hose and a spray nozzle which I took off and replaced with an industrial 120 Volt key switch. That switch will activate the Edison style light inside of the wire cage located on the right side of the lamp.
Because I work in the industrial automation field I get all kinds of leftover goodies people were going to throw out. This switch and the black nameplate I have been holding on to for years.

Let there be Another light.

The lamp shade is completely custom on this too. The images are pulled from some old machine shop blueprints I got at an estate sale. I scanned them into my computer and did some wizardry to get them printed out and wrapped around a frame that I built from the wooden rings used for embroidery projects.

This lamp has inspired me to create gauges that move, in the future I will be integrating industrial simulation (automation) bringing the lamp to life!

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