Shabby chic Floor Lamp


This whole lamp started as one small leftover 4×4 block of cedar that a co worker left sitting around in our shop. He was using some of the tools to build a clothesline system for his house and that little chunk became the middle piece in this lamp.

Being the weirdo that I am I just couldn’t see it go to waste, only problem was I had no idea what I was going to do with it so it sat around for a while. Some weeks later my wife had been driving home and saw a 4×4 chunk sitting out in a field near the side of the road, brought it home, and it eventually became the bottom vertical section, as well as the smaller block located the second from the top. It was well seasoned.

So one day after those two pieces had been sitting in the garage for awhile I came up with the idea of building this 4×4 post lamp. In its basic design it is similar to 2 other larger floor lamps I have in my house, they were some of the first I ever built, and I will get to their story one day as well. In fact the white piece and the top piece are both leftover from those lamps and are made out of douglas fir standard construction 4x4s. The white one I just painted black, and then white, and then sanded it to give it an aged look.

Now one problem with a 4×4 post that makes this a challenge is getting wiring up through the middle. Because this is just 4 separate blocks glued and nailed together it was a little easier but still difficult. I ended up using a drill bit & my cordless drill to put a whole in the middle of each of the blocks before putting them all together. This was actually the last time I have built using 4x4s, now I build a hollow frame in most cases.

The wiring is feed under the base through a hole and into the 4x4s. I used adjustable screw type feet which work well on both carpet and hard floors to level the lamp.

All About that Bass

All About that Bass


The neck of this lamp is built almost entirely out of galvanized pipe fittings that I got from estate sales. Most people just gloss right over a dirty box of plumbing parts, but I snatch them right up. Some of the parts had all kinds of paint all over them, who knows what they did in their previous life. I had to buy the mounting flange and a couple of other miscellaneous parts then roughed them up a little before installing.
The shade is store bought, but sometimes I try my hand at making lamp shades.

Lamp has a little brother too! Both of them ended up with my actual brother and sister in law as another Christmas gift, after the Coat Rack.

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