Surveyor Lamp


Old Surveyor Tripod Lamp

This was really my first lamp project, for my birthday a few years ago my wife surprised me with this antique wooden tripod. She had seen other people turn these into lamps and figured I would enjoy doing that kind of thing too. Little did she know 4 years later what a monster she would have created.

My research consisted of looking up some pictures and tutorials online of how other people had done it. I realized pretty quick I just needed to drill a hole in the top plastic plate, run a wire up through it, and create some kind of a tube to mount the lamp socket. I decided to use a piece of conduit, next thing you know a few hours of work later (painting & wiring) I had a working lamp.

Little did I know the hardest part was going to be finding a lampshade. For quite a few months this poor lamp sat in the corner with an ugly shade sitting on it we had on the previous lamp in the living room. It looked so bad that I won’t even put a picture up here. We ended up with a custom made drum shade that took something like 5 weeks to be made. Talk about patience.

Different View

Different View

Here is a close up showing the neck I made out of conduit.


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