John Deere Pallet Pendant Lamp (SOLD) 4

This was a commissioned project that I just completed this weekend. The customer was going for a rustic look in their bathroom that was already using a lot of grays and whites in the color scheme. We collaborated and came up with the idea for a pendant style lamp that has a faux beam and would be able to cover up 2 electrical boxes in the ceiling.

Most of this is made from reclaimed materials, and some parts of it I fabricated myself specifically for this piece.

The whole idea started with using 2×4’s that I had saved from my job; we do work for John Deere, and they had sent us parts on their pallets. If you look closely you can see the black stamping near the middle. The 2×4’s sandwich together a couple of pulleys to give an interesting industrial type of look. I fabricated the metal brackets that hold the top pulley in place.

I love the look of the old square nuts I used on the bolts holding the 2×4’s together. I had just picked up all that hardware about a week before starting this project and I am glad I did because it fit perfectly.

John Deere Pallet Pendant Lamp

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