Restoration Project – Chemistry Lab Cart (NFS)

Boy was this thing in bad shape when I first got it. I cleaned all the hardware, updated the wood finish, cleaned a ton of hardened wax from the wood and the sink. The top is soapstone, I sanded it to blend out some of the staining and then finished it with mineral oil. Would be awesome for Halloween to set up some beakers and boiling concoctions!

From this back view you can see the sliding cabinet doors and the compartment for storing the rods used to clamp on the lab equipment. I used a wire wheel to clean all the rods and door hardware. This back compartment was all messed up when I found the cart. It was taped close using shipping tape because the hinges were messed up (bet somehow) and it would not shut.

I didn’t take a lot of “before” pics, guess I should have. But I did take one of the sink, it was clogged with a piece of paper and a bunch of what I think was candle wax. Super gross. I ended up trying several things to clean this and eventually found that Son-of-a-gun tire cleaner did the trick.



The outlet on the side was left for dead too. The cord had been snipped off completely and the outlet itself had pieces broken off.

This view shows the front cabinet open, and the back door slide open as well.

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