This lamp was quite a challenge; it was the second time I created a lampshade from scratch. The base is just a repurposed camera tripod mount that I picked up for a few bucks at an estate sale. So the first challenge was to build a wooden block that would […]

Camera Tripod Lamp (NFS)

What else are you going to do with an old Fire Extinguisher? I have been a fan of the SteamPunk lamp movement for some time now. The first set of lamps I ever built I used black natural gas pipes, even before I knew anybody else was doing it. It […]

Fire Extinguisher SteamPunk Lamp (NFS)

I like to repurpose pallets, it’s a great way to get different textures and color shading because of the many different types of woods that companies use to make them. In this project I had a personal problem to solve, we were using a single command strip hook to hang […]

Kitchen Calendar / Organizer (NFS)

Drafting Desk I love this desk. It was never a planned kind of thing to build this desk the idea just popped into my head one day and I ran with it. It started with an estate sale I went to at a farm just about 20 minutes or so […]

Drafting Desk (NFS)

One is the loneliest number, at least that is what the old song says. After I built the Shabby chic Floor Lamp it seemed only right to make a table lamp that fit in with the similar style. This little guy is built using some leftover parts of those same […]

Shabby chic Table Lamp

This whole lamp started as one small leftover 4×4 block of cedar that a co worker left sitting around in our shop. He was using some of the tools to build a clothesline system for his house and that little chunk became the middle piece in this lamp. Being the […]

Shabby chic Floor Lamp

Old¬†Surveyor Tripod Lamp This was really my first lamp project, for my birthday a few years ago my wife surprised me with this antique wooden tripod. She had seen other people turn these into lamps and figured I would enjoy doing that kind of thing too. Little did she know […]

Surveyor Lamp

Just about everyone would say there is never enough room in their kitchen right? Well I had this problem: I needed more counter space, more cupboard space, a place to put my wine bottles, a place to put all the darn cell phones when they are charging, and a place […]

Kitchen Cart

  #Pallet Quilting I came up with this name to describe the process of putting a lot of small pallet pieces of wood together to create an effect that looks like a bed quilt. Time consuming, but looks so cool & rustic when it is done.

First Pallet Quilting Floor Lamp

Rustic Coat Rack This is one of my favorite past projects, I have to admit the idea is not my own I saw similar coats racks made out of C-Clamps online for sale, but I added a few twists of my own to it to make it original. ¬†…so Christmas […]

C-Clamp Coat Rack

Working at a company that designs & builds automation equipment we get a lot of shipments sent to us on pallets and for the most part they tend to get thrown out. This is good news for me because I can then grab loads here and there and throw them […]

Reclaimed Pallet Entry Way Bench

Who doesn’t want to put their beer in an old farm gas can right?? I have kind of a large family, and one of my uncles owned a farm for a number of years, he didn’t do any farming but loved living in the area about an hour or so […]

Gas Can Beer Cooler

My grandfather was by trade a machinist, but his hobby seemed to be to collect things. Sometimes way more things than he really had space for. Living on a 2 acre old farm it was very common for things to be set somewhere in a field or a patch of […]

The first restoration project that started it all, The Box